18 November 2011


Goodbye to my bestfriend. Her name is Puteri Nurin Jazlina. Next year, she will be form1. That's mean, I can't see her again. Today is the last day, I see her. This is sad, hmm. Next year, she will be studying at SMKTM. I'll miss you, Nurin. Byebye.

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Puteri Nurin Jazlina said...

Uh, don't be sad. Chill k? Walaupun kitorang berjauhan, remember, kitorang still dibawah langit yg sama. Uhmm, this post really makes me gonna cry. I'll miss you too btw. Byebye. xx

Puteri Nurin Jazlina said...

Haih, mcm nak nangis je baca post ni. Don't say it's the last day lah, it's sounds not good :'( sedih. I'll miss you too btw. See you soon. xx

Tasnim Zuraidi said...

Okay Nurin :)

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