09 December 2011

Infinite 30 days Challenge

Assalamualaikum. Hari ni Tasnim nak buat challenge ni! Infinite 30 days Challenge ;)

Day 1: Your favourite Infinite member and why
Day 2: Your favourite Infinite song
Day 3: An Infinite song that reminds you of someone
Day 4: Your favourite Infinite cover
Day 5: Best singer in Infinite
Day 6: Best dancer in Infinite
Day 7: An Infinite member you want to be BFFs with
Day 8: An Infinite member you want to go shopping with
Day 9: The member you think is most easily shipped
Day 10: Your favourite OTP
Day 11: An OTP you don’t like
Day 12: Your favourite Infinite quote/interview
Day 13: The member you think is funniest
Day 14: Your favourite variety show cut
Day 15: An Infinite member you’d kiss
Day 16: An Infinite member you’d play the ‘I Love You’ game with
Day 17: An Infinite member you’d date but in secret
Day 18: An Infinite member you’d date out in the open
Day 19: An Infinite member you’d bring home
Day 20: An Infinite member you’d go clubbing with
Day 21: Your favourite thing about Sungkyu
Day 22: Your favourite thing about Dongwoo
Day 23: Your favourite thing about Woohyun
Day 24: Your favourite thing about Howon
Day 25: Your favourite thing about Sungyeol
Day 26: Your favourite thing about Myungsoo
Day 27: Your favourite thing about Sungjong
Day 28: An Infinite member you’d want as a brother
Day 29: Your perfect day with Infinite

Day 30: Your perfect date with your Infinite bias

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